Dating in the Summer (forget cuffing season)

If you haven’t heard the term “cuffing season” by now, I honestly don’t know where you’ve been since like 2011. Cuffing season is that time when fall starts until the cold, wintry months end where you spend time with that one special person who you choose to keep you warm during the snowy season.

Then you two inevitably separate for one reason or another, intent on being young and wild and free all summer with whoever you want.

I think that’s pretty dumb. Sure, I understand where they’re coming from…who doesn’t want to be able to spend time with someone special drinking hot cocoa and watching movies inside of the house?

But those people are missing out on a grand opportunity by having a special person to make memories with during the summer. There’s so much to do during the summer that in my opinion a summer romance is better because you can make memories that aren’t as mundane as simply sitting in the house.

During the summer, the weather is warm so you have the opportunity to be outside during the day and even at night. You two can take a walk, get some ice cream or simply enjoy the weather. You can go to a waterpark and/or amusement park. Go to the beach, walk on the boardwalk and win each other a million stuffed bears or just one huge bear.

The possibilities are endless.

Plus, when summer is over, then you’ll have someone you actually know to cuddle with on those cold winter nights. The experience is sure to be more enjoyable once you’ve built a solid foundation with that person during the summer.

So forget using summer as an excuse to be with as many women or men as you want and really get to know that person who will be your cuddle-buddy for cuffing season.


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