Things to do Mother’s Day 2016

Let’s face it- these holidays can get repetitive. Fast. You always send her a fruit basket, a card of flowers on Mother’s Day and you’re looking for something new and fresh to do. Here’s a couple of ideas that will hopefully solve that problem!

  • Spend TIME together: If you don’t live with your mother, why not drive down there and visit her? Spend the entire day together. You could go out to eat or cook her a nice lunch or dinner at home, see a movie at the house or go to the theatre, take a walk around the park or spend time in the backyard. If you do live with your mother, this still applies because even though you share the same house, do you ever really just spend the day together?
  • Help her get away: Whether this includes the man in her life or if you’re going with her, get her in a nice hotel room/resort room! Sometimes just a night in a nice hot Jacuzzi with room-service and a change of scenery does wonders to rejuvenate our hard-working moms!
  • Go Shopping/Exploring: Oh, come on. Who doesn’t like a bit of shopping? Take her somewhere she has never been or somewhere she hasn’t been in a long time. That place could be a mall, a boardwalk by the beach, etc! Get creative and think about the things that your mother likes.
  • Paint: Here’s a good creative project! Dip your feet and hands in paint (along with any other family members that wants in) and place them on a large enough construction paper to fit everyone in and write your names on it! Let it dry and there you go! A cute, sentimental gift that your mom is sure to love!
  • Treat it like Christmas: Get the entire family together, even extended family! Have everyone give her a gift and have a giant dinner! She’s sure to appreciate the fun time with the family and feel well appreciated!

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