Things I do to Stay Awake at Work

I never thought that my bad habit of falling asleep in class would follow me in to adulthood. Unfortunately for me, it did.

I work in a cubicle, typing away all day. The work can be repetitive and just plain boring. By the time I hit the 2 o’clock mark I feel my eyes start to get heavy. I’m pretty sure I’ve sleep-worked a couple of times.

As must as I would like to indulge in nap-time right at my desk I realize that I can’t exactly do that. So in the short couple of months that I’ve been working there I’ve come up with some pretty interesting ways that seems to work best for me when I get sleepy at work!

  • Go to the bathroom/Take a walk: Truthfully, this is probably the most obvious one that everyone does all the time but I figure I’d mention it because it definitely works. Getting up, stretching and using your muscles, taking a quick walk around the office is really rejuvenating. I like to go to the bathroom even if I don’t have business to attend to and simply run my hands under some cold water to jolt my senses back awake. I look in the mirror and make sure my hair is intact. Sometimes I even go in a stall and do some stretching exercises or check my social media. I do whatever it takes to make myself feel alive again!
  • Snack: I always bring a little snack as a pick-me-up to work! Try not to get into the habit of bringing unhealthy snacks, though. I usually bring a fruit, apple sauce, or yogurt. Again, the movement helps to wake me up. A sweet treat going into my tummy definitely makes me feel better.
  • Listen to Music, etc: I love to pop in my earbuds when I’m getting sleepy and play Pandora or a playlist on my phone. If you can concentrate on both, it’s even a great idea to find an audiobook or podcast that interests you! Not only does it keep me awake, but it makes the time go faster!
  • Text: Okay, I’m not sure if everyone can get away with this but I can since my boss doesn’t really care as long as I get my work done. So text to your hearts’ content as long as you can make sure you get your work finished efficiently!

Does anyone else have any other things they do to stay awake at work or simply to make the day go faster? I’d seriously love to hear them!



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