Skinny-Shaming (in the gym)


I always feel self-conscious when I go to the gym.

When people hear that they usually immediately start to think of a heavy-set woman sweating with a drenched back and armpits.

But that’s not true for me. I’m self-conscious about going to the gym because I am skinny. Whenever I go I can feel eyes on me. At first I thought that I was just being paranoid or even an attention-whore but my fears were confirmed to be true one gym day when a girl whispered just a bit too loudly (perhaps purposely) to her friend, “I hate when skinny people come to the gym. She’s skinny already.”

Well newsflash to you, too-loud-whisperer-girl, you don’t have to be out of shape to go to the gym.

I don’t go to the gym to get skinny or to look like some girl I saw in a magazine, though it is admittedly nice to keep my stomach toned and tight. But the main reason, which should be everyone’s reason, is for health.

Working out helps you to sleep better, builds and maintains healthy muscles, bones and joints, strengthens and boosts your immune system…and that’s just some of the benefits.

We have to stop shaming each other for our body-types and just realize that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I personally think that thicker women are beautiful, curvy creatures even if they pack a little extra flub in their stomach. I would never make fun of someone else for how they look so the thought of someone doing it to me makes my blood boil over.

Why make fun of someone who is trying to better themselves?

The gym should be a place where we help each other- because Lord knows that equipment and coming up with a good work out plan isn’t always the easiest to figure out.

Getting the courage to move your body in all these fast paced movements while grimacing in pain and sweating is a choice that is hard enough to make without someone whispering behind your back that you’re too skinny or too fat. So let’s stop the skinny-shaming and the fat-shaming…let’s just stop the shaming and start the uplifting already.


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