The “Too-Good” Guy

Sitting down with my best friend and just talking is one of my favorite past times. And what did we talk about? Her favorite topic of course. Boys. Boys. Boys.

My friend is the type of girl who falls fast and hard for a guy. She wears her heart on her sleeve and hopes that he will too. Yet she just hasn’t been able to find that perfect guy yet- except, in my eyes, she already did.

“So what’s this new guy you’re talking to like?”

She shrugged and fiddled with a stray strand on her bedspread. “I dunno. He’s pretty nice, I guess. Handsome. He texts me in the morning ‘good morning beautiful’. He checks on me throughout the day. He says goodnight. He’s always complimenting me…”

“And?” I prompted as she grew quiet, looking contemplative.

“And he’s kind of quiet. He’s stays to himself a lot and seems kinda shy. I’m not used to shy guys.”

“So you don’t like him?” I asked. It was perfectly fine if she didn’t. Perhaps he just wasn’t her type. But something told me that this was something more.

She sighed and finally stopped looking at the darn strand. Looking me in the eyes for the first time in the past five minutes, she said, “he just seems too good to be true. You know what I mean?”

I absolutely did not know what she meant. But I had heard this before. Ladies, why is it that when we find someone good, we’re terrified of him?

I suppose that we set our expectations high only to get them hit with a boulder and smashed down in the end. The disappointment sets in and our standards lower immensely. I think that’s what happened to my friend. It pained me to think that she would lower her standards when really it was the men who should be holding themselves to a higher standard. So when a guy came around that was actually doing everything she wanted in the beginning, she wanted to run from him.

Sure, the too-good guy really could be putting on an act to get you interested, but time will tell and he will show his true colors eventually. At that point, go ahead and drop him. But why not give him a chance? He really good be a good guy that you’re missing out on because you’re afraid of heartbreak!

That’s the thing about life. Heartbreak happens. But we have to pick ourselves up afterwards and start over again. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. But one of them is going to be your great and last catch. It’ll take time. But don’t throw him back immediately after you catch him because you think something must be wrong with him.

I told my friend this (maybe not in so many words) and she’s going out on a date with him soon. I wish her the best of luck and I wish you all luck as well!

In my eyes there’s no such thing as a “too-good guy”- meet my expectations or get back in the water!

-Jocelyn H.


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