5 Reasons to Double Date

When I watch romantic movies, oftentimes I’ll see the couples going on double or group dates with their friends. It makes it easier to see each character’s personality and can even create some hilarious moments. It seems like great fun. So I asked myself how come my boyfriend doesn’t want to go on a double date?

When I finally gathered the courage to ask my boyfriend if he would be interested in going on a date with our friends, he readily agreed, saying that he never asked because he thought that I would only want alone time with him. Or in other words, he didn’t think I would want to share his attention. On one hand, that was true. But on the other, I wanted to do something different than our usual dinner and a movie.

Long story short, we went on the double date and really enjoyed ourselves. So here’s why I think double dating is more beneficial in a relationship:

  • You See Your Partner Around Other People: It’s informative if not fun to see how your partner acts around others. Does s/he become a different person around others? As in, does your partner become rude to you, make jokes about you that you don’t like, say too many embarrassing things? Or is your partner comfortable with who they are around others, witty, able to equally distribute their attention between your company and you? You’ll find that you either enjoy or dislike how your partner acts around other people. Either way, you two can discuss it later and make your relationship even stronger because of it.
  • Just the Right Amount of Jealousy: You’re used to having your partner with both eyes on you all of the time if you never get to experience them around other people. You forget that other people can find your partner funny or charming. You realize all over again just how awesome your partner is and that s/he is yours and you want it to stay that way. You become a bit jealous and territorial when your partner is getting attention from other people. If you don’t take the jealousy too far that can be a very good thing. It’s like reigniting a flame that was barely burning with embers.
  • You Break Your Usual Date Night Cycle: As aforementioned, my boyfriend and I had buried ourselves into a circle of dinner and a movie, go home and repeat. Dating becomes boring if you do the same thing over and over. You find yourself feeling as if you’re just “movie-buddies” instead of being in an actual relationship. Going on double-dates once in a while mixes up your regular schedule. You two can even figure out what your friends do for fun and try it out yourselves and vice versa!
  • Shake off Those Nerves: In new relationships especially, when you’re still in the awkward phase of puppy-love, you can still be nervous around your partner. You still don’t quite know what to say to keep the conversation going. But if you’re out with friends, those awkward pauses in conversation can be filled. You can feel free to discuss memories about yourselves- this will help your partner to learn more about who you are. It also makes for a good laugh a lot of the time.
  • You’ll Miss Alone Time: By the end of the night you’ll probably be missing your alone time with your partner. Sure, going out with others was fun, but you remember that the only person you truly love going out on dates with is your significant other.

So if you’re afraid of going on a double date, don’t be! It’s not for everyone, but you don’t want to miss the opportunity for an adventure with such potential. I had fun and I hope you will too!


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